David Seibold, President
 Master Plumber License #10229
Worcester, Massachusetts  01609
Telephone: 508-756-6461
Fax: 508-753-9553



Our technicians are schooled, licensed and OSHA certified.

Seibold Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has thrived over the years, expanding our client base by treating each customer as our most important. We acknowledge that our primary function is to provide professional, timely service and to keep with in or below a project’s budget.

From Seibold Plumbing & Heating, Inc., you receive quality repair, installation and refurbishing of plumbing, heating, cooling and mechanical systems. In addition to the standard plumbing, heating & mechanical services, we have expanded our offerings, to cater to our clients’ needs such as 24 hour access, flexible service arrangements for businesses, and scheduled maintenance to avoid major mechanical failures.

      Oil, Gas & Electric Water Heaters

      Gas & Oil Piping

      Oil Tanks

      Boilers & Furnaces

      Radiant Heating

      Hydronic Heating

      Steam Systems

      High Velocity Air

      Drain Cleaning

      Back-flow & Irrigation Connections

      Indoor Pool Heating, Cooling & Dehumidification Systems


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